Instructional Module

A Module About Inuit and the Land For Junior Secondary Students

"I was thinking about place names and how we’re using them now and how we used to back then. Back then it was a means for survival to know our place names… I find it quite ironic now that we’re using place names as a means for survival for our language and our culture rather than it just being a matter of our (physical) survival."
- Inuit Heritage Trust, Place Names Workshop, 2002


Inuit Photograph

We would like to acknowledge the work of the following sources which greatly influenced the writing of this module:

Denos, M. & Case, R. (2006), Teaching About Historical Thinking, Vancouver, BC: Critical Thinking Consortium, UBC.
Sawyer,D. & Green, H. (1984),The NESA Activities Handbook for Native and Multicultural Classrooms, Vancouver, BC: Tillacum Library.

These are required resources for this module.


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