Inuit First Nations Relations

Woodman, David C., Strangers Among Us
p. 51

These assumptions may be somewhat flawed based on the evidence that many Inuit did speak both Cree and Chipewyan and were used as interpreters by various explorers. Also evidence exists that Inuit and First Nations did at points in their histories spend time in seasonal camps in close proximity.


Inuit avoided conflict as a rule and there were many cultural constraints against aggression for aggression sake. Although there was hostility between First nations and Inuit, it usually involved avoidance. Encounters were most often prompted by European intervention when Cree, Athapaskan and Chipewyans were afraid of loosing a trade advantage with whites.

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Inuit First Nations Relations

Inuit First Nations Relations, a reading from David C. Woodman of Strangers Among Us.p. 51.