Merci à toutes les personnes qui ont permis la réalisation de ce projet.

Voici la liste des personnes qui y ont contribué

One organization alone cannot do all the work to create such a rich site. It takes the time, efforts, skills and beliefs of many partners to successfully complete a collaborative project. Inuit Heritage Trust Incorporated would like to thank the following people/organizations for their help and support in this project:

• Canadian Heritage, Partnerships Fund, under Canadian Culture Online

• Collene Armstrong of Points North Design
• Shirley Tagalik, Department of Education, Government of Nunavut
• Joe Karetak, Department of Education, Government of Nunavut

• Dr. Sue Rowley, Curator, Museum of Anthropology (UBC)
• Dr. Peter Dawson, Department of Archaeology, University of Calgary
• Dr. James Savelle, McGill University
• Mr. Don Yont
• Natasha Lyons
• Matt Walls

A Special Thanks

A special thanks to the Elders involved in this project for providing guidance, historical evidence, significance, perspective and their time.
• Louis Angalik
• Donald Uluadluak
• Mark Kalluak
• Rhoda Karetak